Travel is not easy. With all the dreaming, planning, saving, and then taking the giant leap towards something that is out of your comfort zone and filled with endless potential problems, it’s a massive drain of resources. Travel involves huge sacrifice. hire a local holiday photographer New York City Brooklyn Bridge, New York City In order to make travel a reality, acceptance of the sacrifice is a must. Otherwise, it will be too hard, you’ll be too tired, there’ll be too much to be afraid of and you’ll always see it as being too expensive. We’ve been on this USA road trip with Goldie and the Beast (our travel trailer and Ford F250) for nearly six months. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been putting the F250 truck in reverse to head back home to Raleigh to stability, comfort and routine. With endless winter, endless travel trailer maintenance, a heavy workload (including homeschooling), and finding a way to parent without messing up your kids (I’m sure the parents reading this get it) exhaustion often walks beside me. But, I don’t quit because something will happen that will remind me of WHY I travel. Hot Springs in Big Bend National Park, Texas Hot Springs in Big Bend National Park, Texas It can be a simple moment, like Savannah’s sudden shock at seeing the flamingos standing with one leg and asking why they don’t have another. I’m reminded that I get to stand in these moments with her as she absorbs the world around her. I get to see how she thinks, what she’s learning, and how she’s growing. It’s like I become a child again and awe and wonder become the forefront of my perspective. Then it’s the bigger moments like zipping around in an ATV in Utah over the brilliant orange sand dunes amongst some of the most spectacular and colorful desert backdrops I’ve ever seen. Things to do in St. George Utah Sand Hollow State Park, Utah ATV Adventures Utah WOW! Travel is a gift of adventure, discovery, and thrill and I never want it to end. We named our blog y Travel for a reason. It’s because travel is about the WHY. Everything in life is about the why, the fuel that creates. If your WHY is not big enough, or strong enough, or clear enough for you then you will NEVER achieve your dreams because the sacrifices will loom to heavy. I reached out to our community to share why they travel, and I was blown away by the number of email responses I had and felt so inspired and joyful reading them all. I’ve shared snippets throughout the post and our Instagram update where even more people shared with us This blog post is written in partnership with our sponsor Allianz Travel, who apart from helping to keep your investment in travel safe, are committed to helping you connect to those very important reasons for travel. You can share those reasons with Allianz using the hashtag #ITravelBecause and #TravelHappy. Be sure to tag us (@yTravelBlog) as we’d LOVE to read your responses. If you’re a blogger and you’d like to write a post yourself on your reasons for travel be sure to leave it in the comments below so we can read it. I Travel Because… 1. Living a Good Life Filled with Rich Memories Ryan Mountain Trail, Joshua Tree National Park Ryan Mountain, Joshua Tree National Park, California First and foremost I’m about living a good life. As Deacon Claybourne would sing, At the end of the day Lord I pray I have a life that’s good I don’t want to look back and know that I wasted my finite, precious years on earth living a life that does not fill me with joy and give me years and years of incredible memories. That’s all I want from life and travel gifts that to me. As a result of my years of travel and knowing THIS was the only life for me, it has gifted me the opportunity to create a thriving business that I LOVE so much. I spend my days doing what I love and encouraging other people to live a good life and do what they love. Oh yes. That is WHY I travel! Email Member Response: A recognition that tomorrow is not promised has inspired me to not wait for travel with our children. One of the reasons I value travel so much is that I have an intimate perspective on how fleeting time can be. 2. Connection: to Self, to Others, to Mother Nature, to Life grand canyon with kids Grand Canyon South Rim If I’m not traveling it feels like I’m trying to drink water through a straw with holes in it! I find it hard to connect to anything: joy, wonder, discovery, relaxation the list goes on. Travel is a return to yourself and to life. Because travel is constantly exposing us to new experiences it’s so easy to stay connected to the present – the only place life exists. Travel offers me greater opportunity to connect to Mother Earth – if you follow our travels you know we are always playing in nature. As you’ll see in my points below, it helps me find so much peace, joy and wisdom. Snow Canyon State Park, Utah Through travel I can better connect to myself, my values. I understand more of who I am and what is important to me, so I have more freedom to pursue only those things. That’s where true freedom lies. Not in the ability to pack a suitcase and travel wherever you want, but to take that suitcase towards the things you value most. (click to tweet) Living a life that connects to those values is what will bring you true joy. Travel helps me connect to those I love. A year ago, we traveled for a month with my parents. I helped them connect to many of their dreams visiting places like: The Alamo Waco Graceland The Grand Ole Opry Martha’s Vineyard and New York City. Statue of Liberty tour – one of the best things to do in NYC With my parents at the Statue of Liberty, NYC The connection I had with my parents over those shared experiences and memories contributes to living a rich life. It’s all that matters. We spend 24/7 with our kids, but lately we’ve been traveling with friends, and they are out playing all day, and when they return I give them big hugs. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages. I miss you so much.” That’s the deep connection travel has given me with my girls. I feel I truly know them, not just know them but actually enjoy their company. Monument Valley, Utah Monument Valley, Utah I’m not sure the busyness of a normal life would give me that. I have many people questioning my sanity traveling with the girls full time and ask how I do it? It all comes back to understanding the value of the experience. It helps me overcome the very real challenges of traveling full time with your family. For now, the rewards of traveling with them are greater. Email Member Response: Travel is my form of meditation. It is the time when I am most connected to myself with no thoughts but that of present running on my mind. It reminds me to live and appreciate every moment. It helps me stay put with myself and not get consumed by work. 3. Constant Learning and Growth Uluru base walk – one of the best short walks in Australia Walking around Uluru in Outback Australia From a young age, I’ve always had books in my hand, participated in courses and sought out spiritual native wisdom to help me live a good life. I just found the exact book I had when I was younger and is in a box in my mother in law’s garage the other day. I bought it for the girls and it thrills me that they read it every day! Travel helps me to continue to learn about nature, other cultures and different belief systems. You only know what you know. The more you expand on what you know, the more enriching your life becomes and the better YOU ARE. Lessons from Nature Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona The more I travel with Mother Nature the better I can understand the cycle of life. How everything has its interdependent place and perfection can be created with patience and time. I now not fear the low periods in life as I know it’s just a part of the cycle where I am absorbing and changing and gathering all I need to soon enough blossom again into a better version of me and life. Learning from Life Snow Canyon State Park, Utah Snow Canyon State Park, Utah The more I travel the more I realize I DON’T know. Just the other day in the swimming pool showers, I kept hearing this strange noise like a washing machine that people were standing beside. My friend informed me that it was a swimsuit dryer. You put it in and it spins really fast for about 20 seconds and dries your swimsuit!!! Of course, living in Australia, we’d never have anything like this as the sun dries your swimsuit pretty quickly! You only know what you know and there is so much more to learn about life. Is there a greater way to learn then to be out exploring the far corners of the earth and learning through first hand experiences? Bugger the classroom and the school books.